The Worst Thing Judge Denise Pratt Has Ever Done

Click this link to read the craziest order Judge Denise Pratt has done in her three years of judicial madness:    Crazy Pratt order

The District Attorney’s Public Integrity Unit is investigating another instance of Pratt tampering with a government record.  In this case, the D.A. reached out and called the lawyers in to discuss the case without me even being involved.    Pratt’s behavior in this case will seem bad to the general public but to family law attorneys, what Pratt did in this case is sure proof she is crazy and you will hardly be able to believe it.  The parents and attorneys in this child custody modification case (no. 2007-28477) agreed to temporary orders which Pratt approved on a handwritten order on August 29, 2013.  The typed temporary orders were submitted in September 2013 and months went by without Pratt signing them.  Last month, after reading about Pratt’s “New Year’s Eve Massacre,” one attorney checked and to her horror discovered that Pratt had taken the temporary orders and scratched out “temporary” and handwritten “final” and initialed her change.  Pratt also scratched out or removed all of the mother’s periods of possession except for “as agreed.”   Insanely, Pratt also appointed an amicus attorney in this “final order.”   Pratt made all of the changes to an agreed order that had been signed by the parties.  Pratt made these changes and never notified the parties or attorneys.  Pratt signed this “final” order on December 30, 2013, a day we all know she was very busy dismissing hundreds of cases.  Perhaps this was another way for her to make her court statistics and case count look good.  This situation is being investigated presumably as another instance of tampering with a government record.

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